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Disappointing Result for Australia

Australia may not be receiving a figure skating spot in the Olympics, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Their hopes were took a hit at Nebelhorn.

Ladies skater Cheltzie Lee missed on an individual berth while the hopes of ice dancers Danielle O'Brien and Greg Merriman were dashed after Merriman was hospitalised with a pericarditis heart infection prior to the competition.

With no result from the event in Oberstdorf, they now have no avenue to the Games.

Lee finished in 15th place overall at the Nebelhorn Trophy and in tenth position among those trying to qualify for the 2010 Games in Canada.

The result made her the fourth emergency for Vancouver.

Although it is likely some spots in the Olympic field may open up as nations decide not to send their full complement of skaters and as injury takes a toll, Lee's chances look slim.