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Stars Stripes and Skates Gets Mention at E!...thanks, Kate

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Well, the addition of Kate Gosselin definitely raised the profile of this year's Stars Stripes and Skates event that took place over the weekend in Danbury, Connecticut. The event benefited the Heritage Foundation of 9/11 and was set to feature Johnny Weir, Miki Ando, Oksana Baiul, and others. But reality television brought the dramz...according to EOnline...apparently there was a problem because, in addition to TLC filming (Jon and) Kate Plus Eight, Bravo was there filming The Real Housewives of New York City.

[JIll] Zarin, who braved strapping on a set of blades and donning a skimpy skating dress, took the time to introduce herself to Gosselin near the entrance to the stage, where prying cameras were nowhere to be found. However, Gosselin's omnipresent bodyguard Steve Neild wasn't having it.

"It completely threw her off guard and Steve stepped in between them, attempting to keep them apart," Hoffman, who was assigned to keeping Kate happy, says.

The Real Housewife wasn't the only person Neild wanted to keep from his client.

Blonsky, who was serving as host for the evening, made a quick run to the restroom just as the lights were dimming in the arena. As she ran out, Gosselin was waiting in the wings for her introduction.

"Nikki finally comes out of the bathroom and we're trying to get her to the stage, but the security guard blocks her from getting to the stage!" Hoffman says. "He didn't bodycheck her, but he definitely nudged her out of the way.

Gosselin received a thumbs down from Mr. Weir:

"She did her little speech in the beginning of the show and left," Weir says. "Kate Gosselin was playing the diva act…I was disappointed to meet her and I was so disappointed she was involved in the show. It was such a waste."

What did gossip columnists ever do before the Gosselins?