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Money Makers

Here's some of the latest figure skating endorsement news:

Ice Dancer Tanith Belbin has signed with Proctor and Gamble; she'll be promoting beauty brands. Some of P&G's beauty brands are Cover Girl, Olay, and Pantene. This is according to

Belbin and partner Ben Agosto have signed on with De Beers to endorse the "A diamond is forever" campaign. PLEASE tell me their is a super cheesy diamond commercial coming soon!!! This info could only be found on Figure Skating Universe.

Not surprising that Belbin is the endorsement darling of the recent news; Belbin and Agosto have (arguably?) the best shot of winning a medal in figure skating for the Americans this year at the Olympics and Belbin is absolutely gorgeous. And she has Pantene Pro V hair, which is the highest compliment you could receive when I was in junior high. I'm sure Sasha Cohen will be raking in the deals as well, as she has higher name recognition.