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Johnny Weir to be Featured in ESPN Magazine

Johnny Weir will be featured in ESPN The Magazine's inaugural "the body" issue, which will hit newstands on October 9. According to a release from Sports Media News:

The issue honors athletes of diverse shapes, sizes, genders and races within the boundaries of taste and frontiers of creativity upon which ESPN The Magazine and ESPN have built their reputations. It is a testament to the work the athletes do, the effort they exert and the price they sometimes pay in reliance on their most important asset – their bodies.

I haven't seen any pictures yet. I'm impressed by the array of athletes that they picked...hoping this spread is unlike the popular "photograph hot olympians oiled up and naked" that we often see. Although, the spread is not just Olympians, it's all sorts of athletes.

UPDATED: Judging from the cover, it looks like the body issue actually will just be another "photograph hot [athletes] oiled up and naked." Sighhhh.