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Team Europe Wins Japan Open

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I would say that the Stephane Lambiel should be taken seriously. A week after winning the Nebelhorn Trophy, he helps power Team Europe to a win at the Japan Open, despite some errors. North America was second while host team Japan was third.

Canada's Joannie Rochette got a personal best free skate score of 126.39 to lead the women's portion, despite stepping out of her initial combination as seen on youtube. Japan's former world champion Mao Asada apparently made several mistakes and only scored a 102.94...what a disappointment for the home team. Also - the costume? Please be a first draft. Speaking of disasters, America's Beatrisa Liang scored in the 60s, while Jeremy Abbott was nearly twenty points behind leader Stephane Lambiel. But Canada's Jeffrey Buttle did better, scoring only about four points behind Lambiel.

Here are the full scores from AFP, along with some additional video links:

1. Europe - 464.03: Stephane Lambiel (SUI) 150.52, Samuel Contesti (ITA) 117.49, Laura Lepisto (FIN) 110.86, Elena Glebova (EST) 85.16

2. North America - 463.90: Jeffrey Buttle (CAN) 142.26, Jeremy Abbott (USA) 132.87, Joannie Rochette (CAN) 126.39, Beatrisa Liang (USA) 62.38

3. Japan - 434.17: Takahiko Kozuka 130.13, Takeshi Honda 109.58, Mao Asada 102.94, Yukari Nakano 91.52 (um, does she hurt herself on the first jump or is that the choreography?)