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Around the Rink(s)

Location, Location, Location!

Nicolai Morazov will move his crew over to Simsbury’s International Skating Center of Connecticut in January, returning after spending a few years in New Jersey. His students include such names as Miki Ando (whom the figure skating Casanova has been romantically linked to in the press), Nobunari Oda, and other world champion competitors. Soon there will be team competitions with Teams Europe, Asia, North America, and Morozov.

There is a feature in the Fort Myers News Press about Richard Callaghan and Todd Eldredge’s move to a new spot, Germain Arena in Florida. Their students include former world champ Kimmie Meissner.

On the interview scene:

Rachael Flatt fans, be sure to read this great Figure Skaters Online interview with her. Such a nice girl – and she can skate, too!

And on television:

And Battle of the Blades is not running out of steam. Canoe pronounces it a ratings hit and the show has been mentioned on Deadspin.