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TEB Results: Ladies Short Program

Well, looks like once again, Yu-na Kim has built up a MASSIVE lead heading into a free skate. Cannot wait to see her program. Kim is trailed by MORE THAN 16 POINTS by Japan's Yukari Nakano. Placements 2 through 5 are all extremely close together, but the big news there may be USA's Alexe Gilles in fourth place (nice job!) ahead of Caroline Zhang in fifth. But really, does any of it matter? Because Yu-na Kim is only competing against herself at this point. We'll see if the free skate will even the playing field a bit...

1) Yu-na Kim, Korea: 76.08

2) Yukari Nakano, Japan: 59.64

3) Mao Asada, Japan: 58.96

4) Alexe Gilles, USA: 58.22

5) Caroline Zhang, USA: 57.26

6) Kiira Korpi, Finland: 54.20

7) Carolina Kostner, Italy: 51.26

8) Elene Gedevanishvilli, Georgia: 48.68

9) Anna Jurkiewicz, Poland: 43.86

10) Gwendoline Didier, France: 41.96