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NHK Trophy Grand Prix Preview

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NHK Trophy is this weekend in Nagano, Japan. Here's what I think:


Why to Watch: China's Pang and Tong beat out Russia's Kavaguti and Smirnov at their first matchup at Rostelecom Cup a couple of weeks ago. Who will take the rematch?

Keep and Eye Out For: America's breakout pair of last season, Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett. It's their first Grand Prix - ever. They were very consistent last season but let's see if they've brought some more style and pizazz this year in their quest for an Olympic berth. Also, will we see another fab throw triple axel from America's Inoue and Baldwin?


1) Pang and Tong

2) Kavaguti and Smirnov

3) Denney and Barrett


Why to Watch: This is quite a field. You have the unmissable return of Japan's Daisuke Takahashi to the Grand Prix circuit, along with his countryman, Takahiko Kozuka. Then there's Johnny Weir's shot at redemption. Oh, and have I mentioned last year's Grand Prix Final Champion and US National Champion Jeremy Abbott will be there? And I nearly forgot that former world champion Brian Joubert is also having his second Grand Prix event at NHK - and he's been struggling so far this season.

Keep an Eye Out For: Two somewhat surprising bronze medalists from previous Grand Prix events, America's Adam Rippon and Russia's Artem Borodulin.


1) Daisuke Takahashi

2) Takahiko Kozuka

3) Johnny Weir

*Are you kidding? I really have no idea, this field is ridiculous.

Ice Dancing

Why to Watch: If you like to see Americans Davis and White dominate, as they did in Rostelecom Cup, then this is likely the competition for you.

Keep an Eye Out For: Russians Bobrova and Soloviev. They came in 4th at this event last season. It's also a chance to see Americans Jane Summersett and Todd Gilles.


1) Davis and White

2) Great Britain's Kerr and Kerr

3) Canada's Crone and Poirier


Why to Watch: Well, it's another rematch of sorts from Rostelecom Cup, with all three medalists (Japan's Miki Ando, America's Ashley Wagner, and Russia's Alena Leonova) competing.

Keep an Eye Out For: Finland's Laura Lepisto, who recently placed second at Finlandia Trophy. And it's also the first senior Grand Prix event for America's Becky Bereswill, who won last year's Junior Grand Prix Final.


1) Ando

2) Japan's Yukari Nakano

3) Wagner