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Cancer.Net Skate America Grand Prix Preview

The second-to-last Grand Prix event, not counting the Grand Prix final!


Why to Watch: China's Shen and Zhao go head to head against Zhang and Zhang (again. Seriously, organizers...why all the high-profile rematches in the pairs (actually, also other) events? Not to mention the bronze medalists from that event are also here, see predictions below). Will Shen and Zhao look as dominant against their rivals as they did at Cup of China? And raise your hand if you're itching to see them compete against Pang and Tong!

Keep an Eye Out For: A lot of pairs will be competing for that bronze unless one of the above pairs implode. Will the gap between second and third be as wide as it was last week in Nagano? It will be interesting to see if McLaughlin and Brubaker can put some clean performances together in front of the home crowd.

1) Shen and Zhao

2) Zhang and Zhang

3) Ukraine's Volosozhar and Morozov


Why to Watch: The quads and snappy short program of Czech Republics Tomas Verner against the more complete package of Evan Lysacek. Who will be victorious? Or will someone else sneak in and claim the victory?

Keep an Eye Out For: This is a very important competition for Americans Brandon Mroz and Ryan Bradley. They both skated poorly at their first Grand Prix events, and if they want to be considered Olympic contenders, they will have to be much better here, particularly Bradley. Mroz did fairly well in his first senior worlds last season, so he at least has that on his resume.


1) Lysacek

2) Verner

3) Mroz

Ice Dancing

Why to Watch: America's Belbin and Agosto beat out Khokhlova and Novitski once already this season...can they do it again? I say probably.

Keep an Eye Out For: See if young American pair Madison Chock and Greg Zuerlein can improve upon their 8th place Cup of China finish.


1) Belbin and Agosto

2) Khokhlova and Novitski

3) Italy's Capellini and Lanotte


Why to Watch: Well, Yu-na Kim broke records at Trophee Eric Bompard despite blowing off a planned triple. Think of the records she'll break here if she actually completes her program. (More on that record-setting performance at Axels, Loops and Spins).

Keep an Eye Out For: America's Emily Hughes, who is making a habit of filling in when a bigger star pulls out of a major competition; she is replacing THE Sasha Cohen here. We'll see if Hughes will be a contender for an American Olympic spot. This is also a big competition for Rachael Flatt - she needs to show everyone that her lackluster showing at Cup of China was just a fluke.


1) Yu-na Kim

2) Flatt

3) Japan's Fumie Suguri