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Predictions that are Just as Bad as Mine. Probably...

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Here is a Chicago Tribune writeup about figure skating medalist predictions. The panel consisted of Juliet Macur and Jere Longman of the New York Times; Christine Brennan and Kelly Whiteside of USA Today; and the one, the only, Philip Hersh.

My precursor to this is that, as anyone who follows this blog or figure skating knows, making predictions is incredibly challenging. Especially a few months out! I would not be venturing guesses right now. Except maybe in the ladies category, heh.

Some of the notable predictions:

-Julia Sebestyen of Hungary receiving a vote for a bronze medal. I don't know why I find this so odd, but it really sticks out to me, especially since there are no votes for Alena Leonova of Russia, who has had much more of a breakout season.

-No one predicted Switzerland's Stephane Lambiel garnering any sort of medal.

-Only two people predicted a medal for Nobunari Oda, while four predictions were made for Evan Lysacek. This may be smart considering how Lysacek and Oda looked by worlds last season. But with the scores Oda's racking up right now...I am bit surprised at these number.

-No one predicted any sort of medal for Virtue and Moir, while there were three predicted medals for Davis and White and five predicted for Belbin and Agosto (including two for gold). Arguments can be made for all the teams, but I cannot believe no one thinks Virtue and Moir will get even a bronze medal in their home country olympics!

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.