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Skate Canada International Preview

Here it is, the final Grand Prix event (not counting Grand Prix Final). This is for all the marbles!


Why to Watch: Our first and last chance to see Canada's Patrick Chan in a Grand Prix this season. Chan was a gold medal threat not too long ago, and maybe still is if he's been able to rehab an early season muscle tear. He was able to win both of his Grand Prix events last season despite errors, so this being his first Grand Prix event shouldn't factor too much for him. This is also another shot for America's Jeremy Abbott...he really needs a cleaner performance here to make US Figure Skating forget the NHK Trophy free skate disaster. And we'll see if Japan's Daisuke Takahashi is able to iron out any of the problems he had from NHK as well.

Keep an Eye out For: Czech Republic's Michal Brezina. He had one of the rare clean performances at NHK Trophy a few weeks ago, and another medal would be quite the coup for Brezina.


1) Chan

2) Takahashi

3) Abbott

Ice Dancing

Why to Watch: Canada's Virtue and Moir should easily beat this field. And the fight for second and third is a bit less dramatic since Italy's Faiella and Scali have withdrawn, reportedly due to injury.

Keep an Eye Out For: America's Samuelson and Bates; they will be gunning for a medal here. And America's Hubbell and Hubbell switched coaches since their first Grand Prix of the season, so it will be interesting to see if they look any different at all in such a short time.


1) Virtue and Moir

2) France's Pechalat and Bourzat

3) Samuelson and Bates


Why to Watch: A Trophee Eric Bompard rematch. It will be interesting to see what Germany's world champions Savchenko and Szolkowy look like since their free skate at TEB was hopefully a fluke. And will Russia's Mukhortova and Trankov be able to carry over the TEB confidence boost? If both teams skate to their potential, then this will be quite a competition.

Keep an Eye Out For: Home country team Dube and Davison of Canada. They would love to add another medal to their TEB silver.


1) Savchenko and Szolkowy

2) Mukhortova and Trankov

3) Dube and Davison


Why to Watch: I have a feeling Joannie Rochette will not have trouble bouncing back from her disappointing showing at Cup of China. However, she may have more competition than she bargained for from Japan's Akiko Suzuki, who has been the cleanest Japanese performer this season. And don't forget the three US ladies - all three will be looking to make up for lackluster initial Grand Prix skates. Every one of them will likely be looking for their version of Rachael Flatt's Skate America.

Keep an Eye Out For: Finland's Laura Lepisto. She is not the most exciting skater but she has the ability to sneak in there for a medal.


1) Rochette

2) Suzuki

3) Czisny