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Loose Ends

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Here is news you might already know, but I felt remiss since I haven't been blogging about it in the past couple of weeks:

Brian Joubert's foot surgery was deemed a success, according to USA Today. The surgery was meant to repair ligaments in Joubert's foot. Joubert is out of the Grand Prix Final but hopes to compete in the French championships in mid-December. That seems so soon! Let's hope he is healthy least for the Olympics.

Per ESPN, Russia's Andrei Lutai has been banned from skating for a year by his country's executive skating board due to his arrest on suspicion of stealing a car and driving it drunk following Skate America. This means Lutai will not be competing in the Olympics.

And finally, a few weeks ago it was reported that Patrick Chan would move his training to Palm Beach Iceworks in Florida, per this release. Chan had previously been training in Orlando.