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Grand Prix Final Thoughts and Results: Ladies Short

In skating order (full results below):

Akiko Suzuki, Japan (57.54): Great start for Suzuki!!! Think the crowd was expecting a higher was hard not to get excited about the way she was skating.

Ashley Wagner, USA (54.26): A good performance from Wagner, but her triple flip landing scared me a bit and the spirals were a little shaky. Argh then on the replay the triple lutz looks two footed (I'm not even going to start with edges!).

Alena Leonova, Russia (61.60): A very Alena Leonova-like performance, which is a good thing these days. But it wasn't perfect-one of her landings was all sorts of awkward. But you cannot keep this girl down!

Joannie Rochette, Canada (60.94): A sloppy and slow performance from Rochette. Not much else to say.

Miki Ando, Japan (66.20): Great job by Ando. The scores are all a little confusing to me at this point-are those slow motions pointing out cheats? I am so bad at telling. I will have to watch the Universal Sports broadcast later to hear what they say. That score seems a lot higher than her season's best but compared with the other competitors, I suppose it's about right.

Yu-na Kim, South Korea (65.64): Errr, popped that second jump, and it really did affect her a bit until she landed that double axel cleanly. Not at all her best. And if you didn't know her personal best were astronomical, you wouldn't think she paid for the mistake in her score at all. For the good of skating, she better skate clean at the Olympics or people are going to be extremely confused at the scores.

Unfortunately, the ladies were not on par with the men today. But there were no falls, which is something, I guess! hee


Pl. Name Nat. TSS= TES+ PCS+ SS TR PE CH IN Ded. StN.
1 Miki ANDO JPN 66.20 35.60 30.60 7.75 7.25 7.80 7.60 7.85 0.00 5
2 Yu-Na KIM KOR 65.64 33.80 31.84 8.10 7.45 8.10 8.00 8.15 0.00 6
3 Alena LEONOVA RUS 61.60 33.40 28.20 6.95 6.70 7.20 7.10 7.30 0.00 3
4 Joannie ROCHETTE CAN 60.94 31.26 29.68 7.50 7.25 7.30 7.45 7.60 0.00 4
5 Akiko SUZUKI JPN 57.54 30.06 27.48 6.90 6.50 6.95 6.90 7.10 0.00 1
6 Ashley WAGNER USA 54.26 27.30 26.96 6.75 6.40 6.90 6.75 6.90 0.00 2