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Thoughts and Results: Grand Prix Final Men's Short

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In order of when they skated:

Tomas Verner, Czech Republic (70.17): OH TOMAS! You nailed that quad that makes your programs look that much better and then pop the triple axel and triple lutz and almost fall in the footwork? I haven't read anything yet so I'm not sure if there was some physical cause for this breakdown but I am so sad for the wasted potential of that program. I know he was ill at his last GP event but is it still affecting?

Johnny Weir, USA (84.60): Another GREAT short from Johnny Weir! Everything was so solid. The Olympic men's picture in the USA is looking more and more solid in my crystal ball. And he obliterated his season best. Yay!

Daisuke Takahashi, Japan (89.95): I may have been one of the screaming girls in the crowd because, wow! What a show put on for the home country! The jumps looked clean and the rest of the short program is just awesome. And the score! These judges are in a good mood today.

Jeremy Abbott, USA (76.65): SAd! I just feel like someone popped my balloon because I love this short and Abbott so much. He gutted out the triple axel landing but then had the fall later, wah. Does not take away my love for this excellent piece of artwork, though. I heard he arrived in Tokyo later than expected so maybe he's just jet lagged or something. Hopefully Lysacek and Oda lift my spirits back up!

Evan Lysacek, USA (89.85): GOOD GRAVY EVAN BUT THAT WAS AWESOME. Great job, great score. I heart GPF. And look at this - the only thing that separates Takahashi and Lysacek is one tenth of one technical elements point.

Nobunari Oda, Japan (87.65): Oda continues his string of can't miss short programs. The only problem I had was seeing him directly after Lysacek he didn't seem quite as strong, but they are such different skaters with different styles that it's probably not a fair comparison. I think I am still overwhelmed by the way Lysacek beat the heck out of firebird.


Pl. Name Nat. TSS= TES+ PCS+ SS TR PE CH IN Ded. StN.
1 Daisuke TAKAHASHI JPN 89.95 48.30 41.65 8.35 8.00 8.50 8.35 8.45 0.00 3
2 Evan LYSACEK USA 89.85 48.20 41.65 8.25 8.05 8.45 8.40 8.50 0.00 5
3 Nobunari ODA JPN 87.65 47.80 39.85 8.15 7.75 8.05 8.00 7.90 0.00 6
4 Johnny WEIR USA 84.60 45.60 39.00 7.75 7.35 8.00 7.90 8.00 0.00 2
5 Jeremy ABBOTT USA 76.65 39.30 38.35 7.70 7.40 7.65 7.80 7.80 1.00 4
6 Tomas VERNER CZE 70.17 33.22 36.95 7.45 7.25 7.30 7.45 7.50 0.00 1