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Change is Upon Required Elements

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Hey all - just want to let you know that within the next couple of days I'm moving over to the SB Nation blogging network. It's a network of sports blogs.

The look of the site will be very different, although the URL will be the same - so don't think you're in the wrong place! The blog will still be Required Elements and I will still be the writer, so all of the content should be the same.

Some other differences are that there will be a few ads on the page and you will be required to login when posting comments.

There will also be more of an opportunity for reader participation in the blog with a feature called "fan posts." When we move over I will write a post that explains more about that.

We are excited about this move, although it will mean a lot of changes for the look of the blog. Hopefully it will even better! I am excited to join SB Nation.