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Lambiel and Meier Champions in Switzerland

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The Switzerland national figure skating championships concluded this weekend, with Sarah Meier and Stephane Lambiel easily winning. Unfortunately, Lambiel does not sound like he was especially impressive; according to the Examiner he did not even attempt a triple axel and he did not land his quad toe. But maybe he's just saving it for the later competitions. Meier has been dealing with an achilles injury this season and she only landed three triples in her free skate.

Still, looks like Lambiel and Meier will likely be heading to the Olympics! UPDATE: I forgot about the Swiss Olympic Committee requirements. I believe Lambiel has to score over a 195 in two competitions (he scored well over that at Nebelhorn and should do so at Europeans...not sure if Swiss Nationals count) and I am unsure what Meier has to score, but commenter Kate suggests that she needs a 145 at the European Championships in order to make the Olympic team. As the Swiss Olympic Committee website is only in French and German, I would love if someone sent me a link to the official English!