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Nationals Updates and Broken Records

Wow, it seems like every time Evgeny Plushenko skates in a Russian competition, he shatters records.  That's all I'm saying.  But, he has done it again, according to Golden Skate.  Apparently, despite turning out of a triple lutz landing, he received a whopping 100.09 in the short program at the Russian nationals to break the male short program record.  Sergei Voronov reportedly skated great as well and sits in second place.  Plushenko went on to blame a blade problem and terrible ice conditions for his landing turnout.

Meanwhile, the Japanese men's short program was held on Friday and saw Daisuke Takahashi take first, and somewhat surprisingly, Takahiko Kozuka is in second while Nobunari Oda is in third, according to The Canadian Press.  Oda has already qualified for the Olympics through his successful Grand Prix performances.  Kozuka actually touched down on his triple axel and Oda had a fall.  I would assume that Takahashi and Kozuka will earn the final two Olympic berths but I guess it all comes down to the finals.

Saturday is the ladies short program and it's our first chance to see Mao Asada skate since her disappointing Grand Prix season.  I hope we'll see a new (old) Asada - it would be great if she were peaking in time for the Olympics.  Miki Ando has already received an Olympics slot because of her Grand Prix performance, so the final two spots are up for grabs.  Akiko Suzuki, Asada, and Yukari  Nakano are expected to be the main contenders.