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2010 Olympics: General

Additional Analysis of Ladies Short Program

Additional Analysis of Ladies Short Program

Olympic Outlook: Team USA Ladies

Olympic Outlook: Team USA Ladies

Evan Lysacek Interviews

IOC President Thinks Plushenko is Just Sad

Is IOC President Jaques Rogge being easy on Plushenko?

Russians Domnina and Shabalin Lead Ice Dancing Competition After Compulsories

Olympic Ice Dancing Compulsories: As it Happened

Olympic Ice Dance Preview

Olympic Men's Figure Skating Short Program: As it Happens

Additional Analysis of Olympic Pairs

Olympic Men Preview

Olympic Men Preview

Pairs Free Skate: As it Happened...

My thoughts on the Olympic Pairs free skates as they happened...

Lysacek Chimes in on Inman Issue

Olympic Pairs Preview

The 2010 Olympic Figure Skating Drinking Game

How to watch figure skating and drink at the same time.

Evan Lysacek Likely Won't Do Quad at Olympics

Study Finds that Anonymous Judging May Be More Biased

Olympic Figure Skating: The Basics

Awesome News Roundup

Let the Scandals Continue!

Olympic Outlook: Team USA Pairs

Sasha Cohen Predicts No Medals for U.S. Ladies

Olympic Figure Skating Schedule

Good news for American skating fans on the east coast and central time zone - all the Olympic Figure Skating events will be shown live during prime time on NBC. Below is a schedule of competitions for the Olympics. All times are local to Vancouver, so if you're on the East Coast, just add 3 hours. All events will be held in the Pacific Coliseum

Kristi Yamaguchi's Figure Skating Preview and NBC is Clueless

Let the Scandals Begin!