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U.S. Nationals Coverage: Men's Free Skate - As it happened

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This was going to be the final two groups but NBC and Icenetwork are conspiring against us so it will just be whomever they decide to show.  These are my thoughts as I watched the skating unfold:

Ryan Bradley:  the commentators love this program...held onto the first quad toe...YES got the next one as well.  This program is really fun.  aaand he doubled his first triple axel.  Very cute footwork but he's not quite at the level of the skaters we'll see later as far as skating qualities.  Beautiful triple flip.  ooh close one on the triple loop.  He really is too adorable.  And such a testament to the strength of the American men that Bradley is not even one of our top three.  Great job, too bad about the triple axel.  He looks like he's saying "bye" to the crowd.  Sad!  He's so fun.  Nice score - 155.34!  Total - 225.97.

Adam Rippon:  Right off the bat you see the beauty of his skating!  Step out of triple axel..but no fall.  He's not really performing this like he can be - doesn't appear to really be connecting with the audience or something.  Maybe it's just me.  Bradley was a tough act to follow.  SOFT KNEES alert! hee.  argh.  Dastardly triple axel.  Tano lutz, perfect.  Rippon Lutz, wow, triple jump combo, simply amazing.  There's a smile!  Good job.  152.16 on the free skate, 225.07 total.  Slightly surprised that he was that close to Ryan Bradley but his components were surely very high.

Armin Mahbanoozadeh:  ouch.  First fall in the top group.  popped the triple flip.  Hopefully he has regrouped now.  Some nice jumps at the end here.  Wow, such concentration going into that triple lutz, but he just looks really tired, as he sits down on the combo.  too bad - but this is still such a big moment for him, to be in the last group at the national championships.  Looking very tired in the footwork.

Evan Lysacek:  OH MAN, darnnnn on that quad fall.  Great combo.  You wouldn't know he fell watching this section of footwork...held onto that triple axel/double toe.  AUGh doubled triple loop.  No good.  great footwork sequence, the rest of the jumps were great.  But there are a lot of points out there.  wow.  Sandra Bezic talked about a box for magic. hahahaha.   154.94 in the free, 238.63 overall.  Wow, that's a really high score...considering he fell and doubled a triple.

Johnny Weir:  Great start here!  COMEON (popped second triple axel).  Triple loop...triple/triple combo but he steps out of the end.  augh...i'm nervous...triple lutz combo, very nice.  Loving the passion here in this footwork. Not great, but I think he'll make the Olympic team.  148.58, 232.09 total.  There's his ticket to Vancouver.

Jeremy Abbott:  AND THERE'S THE QUAD!  Wow, Abbott didn't even have to try that.  Little shaky on the next landing, but he made it.  Triple Axel/Triple toe.  Yes, Scott Hamilton, game over.  Abbott is so intense here.  Another great pass.  Now for the triple jump combo - AMAZING.  And one last jump for good measure.  Thank you, Jeremy Abbott.  175.81, 263.66 total.  OH MY GOD that score was big. 


1) Jeremy Abbott

2) Evan Lysacek

3) Johnny Weir

That will surely be the Olympic team as well.  Not quite the cleanest day, but a lot of passion from all the skaters and Jeremy Abbott just did one of the best programs we've seen...amazing!!!!!