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Canadian Men's and Ice Dance Olympic Team Selected and Final Championship Results

Skate Canada, the Canadian skating federation, has chosen its full Olympic team, following the conclusion of its national championships yesterday.  Patrick Chan won the men's event, followed by Vaughan Chipeur, while Virtue and Moir won the ice dance, followed by Crone and Poirier, who squeaked by Weaver and Poje.  Patrick Chan won the free skate with a higher score than Jeremy Abbott did at the U.S. Championships yesterday, although it appears that his first triple axel got low grade of execution points.  But of course, he received in the 9s for most of the program components.  Full results here.

The full Canadian Olympic team will be:


Patrick Chan

Vaughan Chipeur

Ice Dance

Virtue and Moir

Crone and Poirier


Dube and Davison

Langlois and Hay


Joannie Rochette

Cynthia Phaneuf