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The Washington Post Has a Fact Checking Problem

Warning:  This is a vent.

At times I would ignore this, but since I live here now, The Washington Post is one of my hometown papers.  And I cannot take the fact that they think that Ashley Wagner attended the 2009 world championships, in Los Angeles.  Not only that, but they say she struggled there.  I suppose the real struggle may have been that she wasn't actually there.  So it was hard for her to skate clean.  She actually attended the World Junior Championships last year.  Alissa Czisny and Rachael Flatt were in LA.

I make mistakes, too.  But if you are devoting a photo slideshow to an athlete, maybe you should figure out where the athlete actually competed.  Another reason to point this out is that, as the Olympics approach, media outlets that do not cover figure skating most of the time are all over the sport, of course.  And they are getting easy things wrong simply because they are unfamiliar with the athletes.  I just hope that they take the time to at least look up a Wikipedia bio of the skaters who make the Olympics.