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Here's an Alternative

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Well, I decided not to start the day completely on a vent.  Here is another media piece about Ashley Wagner, this time from USA Today.  This is more interesting and informative than the slideshow, anyway. 

Some may not know that Wagner was experiencing heart palpitations before leaving for Sofia, Bulgaria for the junior world championships last season.  Here's an excerpt:

Wagner said the problem initially began developing a few weeks before her trip.

"It started out very, very mild," she said. "I'd be at home before I left, and I'd be sitting down and I felt like my heart would just stop moving. … Then it would kind of beat faster to catch up. … Once I got to Bulgaria, I was probably exhausted from the trip also and it just set everything off."

Wagner said team doctors told her in Bulgaria that the palpitations were the result of stress and dehydration. After the EKG and being checked out by doctors, she competed at junior worlds, placing third.

Yikes, that's so scary.  The story goes on to state that Wagner has figured out some ways to alleviate stress, including weekend jogs, and that she's taking care to drink more water.  This season has been very stressful, I'm sure, but hopefully Wagner has everything under control.