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U.S. Nationals Coverage: Original Dance as (some of it) happened

Stephanie Zastrow, Michael Lucek:  Um..missed them!

Grace Cho and Dmitri Ponomarov:  Those are some wack twizzles.This dance is so disjointed it is making me uncomfortable.  He just flipped her over his awkward!  They are learning.  Right?  So glad Tonia is here to say things much more nicely.  I think she said they need to skate together more.  heh.  Total score 56.25. 

Lauren Corry and Alexander Lorello:  Much better than the last pair.  Although he did bobble at one point and they could not hold the final pose to save their lives!  But they looked like ice dancers, which is a positive, in an ice dancing competition.Total score:  59.32. 

Elizabeth Chan and Jason Deveikis:  Some red ribbons have attached themselves to her arms.  They are more exciting than the dance.  Super slow, and Tonia is telling me that the edges are not so deep.  All I can tell is that the twizzles need work and I'm kind of bored. Total score:  43.02.

Shannon Wingle and Timothy McKernan:  True confession:  I am a sucker for celtic dancing.  Plus I can see how difficult this is...AAAND she is wearing some sort of tiara.  BEST. COUPLE. YET.  I don't care about the twizzles, I will pretend that didn't happen.  And the crowd is into it, too.  yay.  I like them!  Aw, soldier daddy on the jumbotron.  I love when they do that.  Total score:  66.48.  In first place, well deserved;)

Tanith and Ben:  Is that a bird in your pocket...Why must they always over explain these ice dancing routines?  I love this dance.  I think it's fun, it seems to be difficult, and it was well-performed.  Twizzles looked good.  I am watching on icenetwork right now but apparently on tv Tracy Wilson is saying they were too slow in some of the footwork.  The dance does slow down a bit but I didn't think it was egregious.  Great job! In the kiss and cry, Tanith is so tense and Ben is trying to let loose a bit.  Total score after two dances:  111.91. Wow.  First place.

Katie Wyble and Justin Morrow:  This skate is ok - a bit too cutesy for me.  It never really takes off.  Twizzle troubles!!!  total score 59.99.  Currently in third place.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White:  I love this program - I find it interesting from beginning to end.  They were doing sooo wonderfully but she sort of bobbled out of one of the last twizzles, aughhh!  It just seems so difficult and it doesn't come off as cheesy, which it easily could have.  I think it's my fave OD this season.  Total score:  113.53.  Woow, they did not have to worry too much about that twizzle!

Jane Summersett and Todd Gilles:  They are a cute pair but they are not helped by going after Davis and can see how much speed they lack compared with the higher ranked pairs.  But this is a fine program.  Total score:  83.20.  Wow, so far back but in third place.

Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre:  Looking at these costumes again in light of the Domnina and Shabalin costuming debacle I'm wondering if they've received flack due to the coloring of the nude areas on the costumes.  I am more obsessed with Brent's accessories.  I really like this program, though.  Low on speed towards the end here. Wonder if that's good enough to stay in third place...

Then I passed out and missed Emily Samuelson and Bates do a great job for third.  Ack...I will be better rested for today.