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U.S. Nationals Coverage: Ice Dance as it Happened

Am at the parent's house with major Icenetwork difficulties, so only the last group here.

Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto:  These costumes were so ridiculous that I missed the first minute of the dance.  What are they thinking?  It's more than ugly, it's legitimately distracting.  On a brighter note, they have either tweaked this program or it  has grown on me, because I liked it a lot better today than I have in the past.  They really can sell anything, these two.  There were some great moves, but I agree with Tracy that one of their lifts is awkward.  Wow, that's a high score!  No major crisis - Belbin and Agosto will be your national champs. Free skate score 106.60.   Total score 218.51.

Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre:  I haven't loved this free skate but I really like them.  AUGH that twizzle!  So sad.  I am liking this a lot better than before but I think I am just emotional.  It's very glaring to see them right after Belbin and Agosto, though.  I am not sure this will be enough for the Olympics.  Aw, they are making me so sad!!!!  Free skate score:  91.22, total score:  186.42.

Madison Chock and Greg Zuerlein:  They are so crisp...I think when they start bringing the dramz just a bit more they will be in a good spot.  But what a great job for them here! Total:  177.48

Meryl Davis and Charlie White:  Wow, that was amazing.  Nothing else for me to say.  My mother watched the whole program, and I have never seen her sit through a whole ice dancing program in my life (normally she gets up clean something because she finds that more interesting) so you know it was good.  I think they so deserve this title, the torch has truly been passed.  Just better choreographed than Belbin and Agosto's.  Ha, you can tell who Tracy's faves are.  Free skate score:  108.76 for free skate, 222.29 total.  WOW, a very assured victory!

Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates:  This is a good performance of not the most exciting program I have ever seen.  They are very impressive and I think they def. deserve the third Olympic spot, but I still feel like something is not quite there yet with their skating.  Or maybe I just don't like this song.  heh. Free skate 93.73, total 190.69 total - There it is!!!  Your third team of Olympians (I presume!)

What a great group of ice dancers.  I really can't wait until the Olympics so they can show off to everyone just how good they are.

1) Davis and White

2) Belbin and Agosto

3) Samuelson and Bates