Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto need spice

From the beginning Ice Dancing pair Ben Agosto and Tanith Belbin have been exciting, full of electricity and fun to watch. We knew they were headed for stardom. But somethings gone flat with their choreography/partnership. There is little personal connection between them lately. We are not having fun or feeling much emotion from their routines. In the beginning it was their sparkle and enthusiasm that grabbed us as well as their talent. But Ben's sense of humor and playfulness has dulled, Tanith could be skating with a robot, that's how much connection she shows toward her partner. I hope that someone gets through to them before the Olympics. Their routines are great, but they need to relate to each other, act like they care and relate more to the music, not just appear like its just another skating routine to get through. I love them and i want to see them win. They can do it.

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