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New York Magazine Story on Lysacek/Weir

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The link to this story was titled:  Johnny Weir's Butchier Enemy."  Heh.  The funny thing is that if Weir weren't around, then Lysacek's costumes would garner even more attention.  I mean, does anyone see what the man wears?  It's almost like Weir is more in on the joke on how ridiculous his costumes are, whereas Lysacek seems to take his a bit more seriously...which is crazy!

Anywho,worth a read.  For you gossip hounds, there is a part where Lysacek admits that he is wearing a ring given to him by ex Tanith Belbin, and he says "I know I should take it off, I know I should let it go."  Sigh, young skating love.

The article also interviews Weir.  It's clear that both skaters still don't like..or possibly even respect, each other.  Although in recent years they had gotten a bit better about attacking each other, but it's an Olympic year, so all bets are off.  I assume it's all about competing for media attention, even more than competing for titles.  Their rivalry is a great thing for each of them, even though I would say competitively it has not been an actual rivalry for some time.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Abbott should just start talking smack on everyone, because that is the only way dude is going to get some press!