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NHK Trophy Broadcast Schedule

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The Grand Prix series kicks off this weekend with the NHK Trophy from Nagoya, Japan.  Here are the times you can watch some of the skating on television (here is a link to the Icenetwork live streaming times):

(First runs only; the programs are repeated throughout the weekend on Universal Sports)

Friday, October 22

Universal Sports:  6-7:30 pm (Pair short program and Original dance)

Universal Sports:  10:30-11:30 pm (Ladies short program)

Saturday, October 23

Universal Sports:  3-4 pm (Pair free skate)

Universal Sports: 5-7 pm (Men short program and Free dance)

They are withholding the Ladies free skate on Universal Sports so I assume that is what they are showing on NBC. ONE WEEK LATER.

Sunday, October 31

NBC: 4-6 pm