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Grand Prix Final Qualifiers

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Here is a list of the qualifiers for the Grand Prix Final in Beijing in two weeks.  These slots were decided by the highest point getters among the Grand Prix competitors.  In the case of a tie, various tie-breakers have been invoked, such as the highest rank in a competition and the highest score totals.  It was not a particularly successful year for the Americans; shockingly, two ladies qualified, and one ice dance team.  No men and no pairs.


Savchenko and Szolkowy (Germany)
Pang and Tong (China)
Bazarova and Larionov (Russia)
Moore-Towers and Moscovitch (Canada)
Iliushechkina and Lubov (Russia)
Sui and Han (China)*

*Sui and Han have qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final as well.  I'm not sure which they'll be competing in, though possibly not both.


Daisuke Takahashi (Japan)
Takahiko Kozuka (Japan)
Patrick Chan (Canada)
Tomas Verner (Czech Republic)
Nobunari Oda (Japan)
Florent Amodio (France)

Ice Dancing

Davis and White (USA)
Pechalat and Bourzat (France)
Crone and Poirier (Canada)
Bobrova and Soloviev (Russia)
Weaver and Poje (Canada)
Hoffmann and Zavozin (Hungary)


Miki Ando (Japan)
Alissa Czisny (USA)
Carolina Kostner (Italy)
Akiko Suzuki (Japan)
Kanako Murakami (Japan)
Rachael Flatt (USA)

Somewhat of a heartbreaker for the United States is seeing so many names on the list of alternates (many of whom lost on a tiebreaker)...they just missed it.