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Rebecca Budig Wins Skating with the Stars

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All My Children star Rebecca Budig has rightly claimed the Skating with the Stars title, after receiving a perfect score on the finale.  Bethenny Frankel's crazed fans will likely say the show was fixed because Rebecca Budig is an ABC star and the show was on ABC.  But Frankel, while improved, was no match for Budig. 

Hopefully, this is the end of Skating with the Stars...or this incarnation of it, at any rate, as the ratings are apparently quite low.  Here are all the things that I didn't like about the show:

The host!  Vernon Kay, you are annoying as all hell.  Also, you get way too excited about people's injuries.  I mean...these are real people getting hurt.  It's like he's an ambulance chaser or something.

The judging!  Dick Button is awesome.  I enjoyed listening to his ridiculousness, which included nuggets of constructive criticism.  Johnny Weir...well..when I see Weir on things where he has either love him or I think he is kind of a jerk.  Here, I thought he was kind of a jerk.  And the combination of Weir and Laurieann Gibson was a one-two punch of incompetance followed by idiocy.  The sad truth is that I can kind of see why people voted for Bethenny after those two came out of the gate nursing some grudge against her.  They ruined their credibility.  Also, they were too nice to the skaters who sucked.  And why is that?  It's probably because skating is really hard and they respected that the people were trying (except for Frankel, ha, they just wanted her to go away).

The contestants.  They were kind of snoozeville, and the only one with personality (Frankel) had zero respect for skating and I found that kind of obnoxious.  I realize the cool thing to do is ridicule skating, but maybe then you should not be on a skating show. 

The skating.  Skating is not like dancing where if you see something bad you cringe and count the seconds until the end.  When you see someone who can't skate you kind of fear that they are going to get hurt.  And they pretty much all did. 

What I liked:


Tanith Belbin was kind of stiff but she got a bit better as the show progressed.  Plus, she is very pretty.

The booing.  The booing moments were always well chosen.

Also, I liked the contestants who had a modicum of skating or athletic ability.  To see amateurs come in and do well was fun.

It was only five weeks long.