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Skating with the Stars Recap

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Here is an interview with Brian Boitano on Zap2It in which he makes some points about why he thinks Skating with the Stars misses the mark.

Apparently both Brandon Mychal Smith and Brooke Castile were rushed to the hospital before the show.  Um...yikes.

Keauna McLaughlin has to skate out without her partner.  This is the most pitiful thing. 

Brooke Castile is back to skate out with Jonny Moseley.

Tanith says they are hoping Brandon will make it back.  Brooke has a bandaged hand and stitches and will still be performing.  Oy.

Required Elements:  A jump.  A FRIGGIN JUMP.  Uh huh.  Keauna McLaughlin falls in the jump demo...ah, I've missed seeing that. 

Rebecca Budig and Fred Palascak:  They show an ambulance for a second before this intro. HA, spoiler.  Budig hurt her wrist.  But she only had to ice and rest her wrist.  She did not rest it.  Vernon Kay takes some time to tease that they will show the footage of Brandon's accident.  I will be fast forwarding that, as I don't like to watch that stuff.  I feel like that shirt is a bit of a mistake...I could see a malfunction happening.  Oh, wait she takes it off to reveal another bathing suit or whatever she skates in.  Lots of lifts.  She is still very good at all the crossovers and other skating.  Oh gosh and she does a jump (a flip?).  ANd lands and is kind of awesome.  She is great.  Johnny thinks that was wonderful, he says it was the third most difficult jump to do so I guess it was a flip.  He thought it was great.  Dick says you must be kidding...anyone as good looking as she is who drapes him with her shirt is getting high marks.  He says she was wonderfully confident and she was channeling Dorothy Hamill.  Laurieann says she was beautiful and trusted the choreography.  Scores:  Technical:  25, Artistic:  25. Score:  50.

Disaster footage.  EW FAST FORWARD.

Bethenny Frankel and Ethan Burgess:  Whine whine whine about the judging.  I do agree that it was kind of ridiculous, but no one likes a whiner!  Wow I wonder if the judges are watching this.  AH CUTE BABY.  She is trying a toe loop tonight.  She stole Nancy Kerrigan's 1992 free skate dress and bedazzled it.  And is wearing a dead bird on her hair.  Bethenny is getting better, she's no Rebecca Budig still.  She looks good during the lifts still.  Nice little stretch move.  Her spiral is bad news.  I think they just did the jump.  It did not look like a toe loop.  Still I think she's improved overall.  She's not afraid to lift her feet off the ice anymore. She got a standing ovation.  I think last week was better, to be honest. Frankel says before the judging that now they have a right to rip her.  I think she meant cause she sh*t-talked them in the fluff.  Dick likes that she trusts her partner, but she is not trusting herself.  He says to invite them more into the performance.  She is not being secure and she is not using her knees.  She needs to finish off her moves.  She'll do just fine.  Laurieann says, did you know that was one of her fave songs.  She says it was heavenly, angelic.  Hmm.  Ok.  She said tough love was great for Bethenny.  Johnny says that when they judge her, it's not on a personal level.  They judge exactly what they see.  And says they she needs to listen to them as professionals.  He says today she was better. They are starting to see a bit more presence.  He says trust them, they're here to help, not hate. I think the skating judge doth protest too much (it's still obvious he personally hates this girl...I just think he could hide it better since he tends to gush over the rest of the competitors.  But by now I would probably hate her too after all that whining)  These judges don't want anymore Twitter bashing!  ha.  My guess is that the judges will get her in the scores this week, whereas they got her in the comments last week.   Scores:  Technical:  17 (seeee), Artistic:  19.  Score:  36.  That is probably about right but it doesn't match the judges' comments.  haha...scores are all that really matter! I guess those are about right if you are comparing her to Rebecca Budig.

Vince Neil and Jennifer Wester:  She is very distractingly lovely.  He is doing nothing. A short lift, yay he didn't drop her.  He is pretty bad.  Still scared to lift his feet off the ice...can't wait for the jump.  Yay, he jumped!  not like a toe loop or anything, but not bad.  Ugh, I don't like to watch him though because he always looks like he'll fall.  The jump was the only time he ever had any confidence.  Laurieann said that his showmanship is amazing.  I really am not seeing any of it.  This is so confusing.  Johnny Weir is so proud and happy and he did amazing with the skating skills.  He says please don't get claw hands and don't put hands down and rub his bottom.  yes, that's all the advice this guy needs.  Dick says he is honored that Vince acted on criticism.  His stroking was better and he's remembering what he did when he was young.  Then I fast forward because Dick Button is comparing himself to the TSA x-ray machines.  Scores:  Technical:  16, Artistic:  20.  Total:  36.  See, that's a bit messed up.  He definitely should not be tied with Frankel...she was like two points better at least. I can't believe I care about this. 

Jonny Moseley and Brooke Castile:  Moseley is pretty good at his crossovers and lifting's a pretty hard lift, I'm impressed that he pulls that off.  Oh gosh and he is doing the pairs skater emoting.  And more lifts.  Very good.  He tried a flip and then a wasn't clean but it was really impressive.  Some knee action here.  This is really impressive.  He has definitely improved and he's really good!  Johnny says that was insane beautiful and he was in it with him the whole time.  Little stumble on the jump and he improves every week.  Dick says he sees a much-improved expressiveness in his arms.  He wants some posture improvements.  I actually think Moseley should be in first place...I was so impressed.  Can't believe I am saying that.  Laurieann says it was romantic, emotional, vulnerable. 

Keauna is talking about how Brandon is still not there.  Sad! 

Scores:  Technical:  24, Artistic:  27.  Total:  51. 

Brandon Mychal Smith is not competing.  And we get to watch his fluff anyway.  Now the judges are supposed to comment on the practice skate.  This is stupid, I'm sorry, I can't even recap it!  Oh, wait, Johnny Weir basically calls him a wuss cause he didn't play through his injury.  Oy, Johnny!  Scores:  Technical:  18, Artistic (I mean...really???) 21.  Total:  39.  Yes, that's right.  Someone who didn't even show got scored higher than Vince Neil and Bethenny Frankel.  Those two must want to off themselves with a skate blade.  I may have to stop watching this on principle. Or because it is not so entertaining. heh.

Now Tanith is doing a performance with some of the "best" skaters in the world.  Yay, Ben Agosto.  You guys quit a year too soon.  They skate a promo for Chronicles of Narnia. 

The pair getting the boot this week is:  Vince Neil and Jennifer Wester.  I have to say that is fine with me overall, but it is kind of ridiculous that Brandon advances.  Is that the way they do it on Dancing with the Stars?  I have no idea.

I guess there are three more weeks of this show.  Or two?  I don't know how they do it.  I am hoping Frankel gets the boot next week and then we can get down to business because the other three are really impressive.