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Sasha Cohen Predicts No Medals for U.S. Ladies

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Just because she's not on the Olympic team, that doesn't mean she can't make news.  Sasha Cohen told People magazine that she doesn't think the U.S. ladies will win any medals at the Olympics.  She thinks the podium will be a repeat of the 2009 world championships, with Korea's Yu-na Kim on top, Canada's Joannie Rochette at silver, and Miki Ando in bronze.  Here's what she had to say for the U.S. ladies:

"The U.S. girls are young and haven't competed as much internationally, so they're kind of hit or miss," Cohen says. "They're good skaters, they're just not at the same level as the international girls."

Hmm.  Does she know that Rachael Flatt came in fifth last year at her very first world championships?  I think nearly every top ladies skater is hit or miss - we saw the troubles Mao Asada and Joannie Rochette have had this year.  No one is a definite.  And Rachael Flatt hasn't been perfect, but I would not write her off as a medal contender.  She has been landing the triple/triple combination throughout the season in the short program and the free skate, and she obviously can do well under pressure.  If some of the other top ladies err, she may be waiting in the wings to swoop onto that podium.