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The Rivalry Lives On For One More Week least.  Here is a Details magazine article on Evan Lysacek versus Johnny Weir...the dude versus the diva, they say.  Although Evan kind of seems like a diva too, sometimes.  If you are fans, it's definitely worth a read and they have some nice pics as well.  I like this quote:

"You know, I get it. I'm the flamboyant, sparkly one over here," Weir adds. "And he's the hardworking American over there. And that's how we've been pigeonholed. But I'm more than that, and he is too. He has this sweet and endearing side—I mean, to be 13 feet tall and a figure skater, you have to work your ass off! And he does."

13 feet tall, heh.  You may (not) be surprised to hear that the article does not mention Jeremy Abbott at all.