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The 2010 Olympic Figure Skating Drinking Game

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Don't Drink and Skate

To add another dimension to the wonder of the Winter Olympics, we have put together a little game for you to partake in while viewing the skating over the next couple of weeks.

Choose your favorite drink, and follow the directions below.  And be sure to leave any additional suggestions in the comments!  CHEERS!


Take a sip whenever:

Take a shot whenever:

Finish your drink if:

  • Commentator Scott Hamilton mentions dreams coming true
  • Commentators Scott Hamilton and Sandra Bezic talk over each other
  • Someone says "grade of execution"
  • Someone skates to "Phantom of the Opera" or "The Impossible Dream"
  • Pair skaters do their side-by-side spins in unison
  • Russian skater Evgeny Plushenko waves his arms around "artistically"
  • Someone lands a QUAD!
  • Johnny Weir is referred to as flamboyant
  • The Evan Lysacek/Weir rivalry is brought up
  • Twizzle FAIL
  • U.S. ice dancer Ben Agosto's outfit reminds you of fat Elvis or 70s Travolta
  • U.S. ice dancer Tanith Belbin's hair looks awesome
  • A Russian team medals in ice dancing
  • A French team medals in ice dancing
  • A woman's spin position makes you uncomfortable
  • U.S. ladies skater Mirai Nagasu gets a jump downgrade
  • Someone pops their dislocated shoulder back into place mid-program
  • Evan Lysacek dresses like a dead bird
  • Canadian men's skater Patrick Chan talks about how he don't need no stinking QUAD!
  • A man does a Biellmann spin
  • A man wears sequin
  • The commentators tell you a five minute backstory of a three minute ice dancing program
  • Someone mentions U.S. ladies skater Rachael Flatt's AP classes
  • Japanese ladies skater Mao Asada lands a complete triple axel
  • Korean ladies skater Yu-na Kim botches a triple flip
  • A woman's spiral sequence makes you uncomfortable
  • NBC puts the wrong picture up for a skater
  • There is a program stoppage due to wardrobe malfunction or injury
  • Swiss men's skater Stephane Lambiel lands a clean triple axel
  • A male skater wins the gold without a QUAD!
  • American men's National Champion Jeremy Abbott gets mentioned in the short program telecast before Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek
  • A North American team wins the ice dancing gold medal (actually, if this happens, drop the drink and grab your snow gear because it will mean hell has frozen over)