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Evan Lysacek Likely Won't Do Quad at Olympics

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Reigning world champion Evan Lysacek will not likely attempt a quad at the Olympics, according to the Washington Post:

Lysacek said Thursday he feared he had another stress fracture after feeling pain in his foot following the U.S. championships. Two days at the doctor's office assured him he didn't, and his foot feels fine now. But after the stress fracture he had last spring, he doesn't want to take any chances by doing a quadruple toe loop.

"My foot is good. I did therapy, and it feels really good," he said, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "(But) I can't do many toes. It's a big risk factor for me."

The article says that Lysacek felt pain when training the quad for Vancouver.  The quad is not a consistent jump for Lysacek and his last attempt at it (U.S. Nationals) was unsuccessful.  At this point, I assume it is not really worth the trouble for Lysacek to do a quad anyway, considering he probably wouldn't pull it off.  I wonder if it will make the difference next week, though...