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Pairs Free Skate: As it Happened...

My stream of consciousness thoughts...

Denney and Barrett (USA, Music:  Sheherazade):  NBC is obsessed with Barrett's V-Day plans.  solid twist...YEAH she got that triple toe today!  Great throw triple lutz.  Ack, he was forward on the second double axel.  This is very nice but just little things here and there to improve, like the spirals.  Nice throw triple loop.  Covered a lot of ground with that lift.  Loving the energy at the end here.  Great first Olympic competition!!!  105.07 for free skate (looks like one of them singled a double axel in the sequence), total 158.33, they move into first place.  Great.

Evora and Ladwig (USA, Music:  PIano Concerto No. 2 by Rachmaninov):  Their short program got me very excited.  I hope they can continue the awesomeness tonight!!!  Wow, nice twist.  HELD on to that side by side jump sequence.  She had a bit of a worried look before the throw triple lutz but again, held on.  Spins are still not fabulous but I think better than in the short.  She bobbled out of the double axel landing, bummer.  Just keep it together for the end of this program!  YES, difficult entry into a nice throw triple loop.  Amazing lift.  This is gorgeous, he's on one foot.  Pair spin, one more difficult entry into a lift, and that is THAT.  Not perfect, but AWESOME!!  To skate like that at the Olympics, I'm so happy for them!!  AHH NICE SCORE, 114.06 for the free, 171.92 overall. Downgrades on the triple toes. move into first.  Personal best!

Two hours in and we have only been allowed to watch two pairs:(

Bazarova and Larionov (Russia, Music:  Seven Years in Tibet):  I already know how they did because NBC is showing taped programs now I guess.  They botch the first side by side jumps but no fall.  Nice twist, so high!  Although even I could probably throw her that high because she is teeny tiny.  She put a hand down on the throw...Ah, this lift has reverse rotation, which is making me dizzy but is kind of awesome.  This team is going to be gorgeous in a few years.  She fell on a throw. The spins started out better than they finished.  Kind of a weird spiral sequence.  Bezic is dissing on the spiral sequences.

Langlois and Hay (Canada, Music: Grand Canyon Suite):  OK, final two groups, here we go!  Sandra Bezic sounds nuts right now.  Not a very exciting twist.  She fell on side by side jumps.  Beautiful lift, I like her position.  GREAT throw triple flip.  Side by side jumps better than the first ones.  This program is pretty on the surface but it doesn't do too much for me.  They look tired.  Cool lift.  Program is super slow at this point - I'll be interested to see what type of program components they get.  Wow, ambitious throw at the end but she essentially sits down.  Oh, well.  115.77 for the free, 179.97 overall. They should be pretty happy with that, considering that skate was not fabulous.

Zhang and Zhang (China, Music:  Sheherezade):  Oh, man, he is not wearing the bandeau!!  SO SAD.  But I am liking the new costumes way better.  AUGH he falls on the opening combo, which was a hard one (Double axel, triple toe).  Good recovery on next side by side jumps but the damage is done.  So sad.  Still an awesome twist.  Good death spiral.  Something went awry on the spins.  Beautiful throw triple loop.  And throw triple sal! This is such a nice performance aside from the opening.  They don't have the charisma that their country-mates have. Score for free is 123.06, score overall is 194.34.  First for now.

Mukhortova and Trankov (Russia, Music:  "Love Story"):  Many point out the irony of Mukhortova and Trankov skatng to Love Story, since they are more of a Hate Story, but I like this program.  The red dress is a bit...obvious, though.  Also, loud.  Anyway.  LOVE ME THAT TWIST.  Ugh, Maria falls on side by side triple sal.  Just not their time, I guess.  And the combo was botched.  Fast, nice lift with interesting positions.  Great throw triple loop.  Well, I usually like this program.  Tonight it seems to be a checklist of elements for them. Close it out with some more nice lifts.  They should still score very high.  Could do without that look on Jamie Sale's face.  122.35 for the free skate, 185.79 overall.

Dube and Davison (Canada, Music: The Way We Were):  This reminds me of Sale and Pelletier 02, even if it's a different song.  Both used depressing colors.. both used a kitschy 70s love song.  But it's a lovely program, so let's see.  OK twist...they collide a lot.  Nice side by side double axels.  She falls on the triple salchow again.  Spins are not quite together.  No good landing on the throw triple lutz.  Not quite Sale and Pelletier just yet, but great save on the throw triple loop.  I am beyond over the scoring for this pair - 121.75 in the free, 187.11 overall.

Kavaguti and Smirnov (Russia, Music: Valse Sentimentale, On the Blue Danube):  Word on the street is that Kavaguti and Smirnov have the throw quadruple salchow in their elements sheet and they were rehearsing it today - this could get interesting!  Bezic says they are on FIRE.  WATCH OUT WORLD.  Russia doesn't want to break the pairs streak!  Ok, now they are starting.  Ack, only a throw TRIPLE sal and the landing was messed up.  Side by side triple toes look good.  Great throw triple twist, the spins are ever so slightly off.  Here comes the part of the program I actually like.  OH quick costume change for her - Moskvina loves that!  He stumbled out of that double axel.  Throw triple loop, fall, that's terrible.  I was thinking they would just have some minor errors, but this is not up to par.  She's so flexible on those lifts.  That death spiral is ridiculous and I'm sure a level four, but uck.  I wonder if they will still be able to medal?  120.61 in the free skate, 194.77 overall, in first for now.

Savchenko and Szolkowy (Germany, Music:  Out of Africa):  Uh, oh, TOUGH WARMUP.  Come on, dudes.  Skate this beautiful program the way it should be skated.  First side by side triple toes were good but she doubled the second, augh!  GREAT Throw though.  He essentially just fell on a double axel...CRAP. Throw twist just ok.  Good lift here.  Ugh, that next lift did not look good for a second there but recovered.  Beginning to wonder if they'll beat Kavaguti and Smirnov.  Nice last throw triple salchow.  But...the damage is done.  They are still such a great pair.  WOW so high, 134.64, 210.60 overall.  Seemed a generous score but there was a lot of good skating in there.

Pang and Tong (China, Music: Man of La Mancha):  The window, door, storm cellar, whatever, has been opened for this team to skate onto the podium.  I hope we see something great here.  They came in fourth in 2006.  Double axel sequences are right on.  Got the triple toes, as well.  Yay!  They are looking so strong and so energetic!  Personality here GINORMOUS Throw twist.  These two have a jam-packed second half of the program.  Throw triple sal - AMAZING!  YAY.  And she hangs onto the throw triple loop! OMG.  These two better make the podium or I WILL BE AN ANGRY BLOGGER.  This is the skate of the night.  So far.  Judges, do not make this a joke.  YAY!!!!!!!!!  SILVER AT LEAST.  They deserve it sooo much.  141.81 for the free skate; 213.31 overall.

Shen and Zhao (China, Music: Adagio in G Minor by Tomaso Albinoni):  I am so nervous I am going to throw up.  TMI?  YES side by side triple toes.  WOO Held onto those double axels.  No more jumps.  spins just a bit off.  That lift is sick.  Just sick, and amazing.  Point-garnering death spiral.  CRAAAAPPPPPPP WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED on that lift?  Oh this is so sad.  Great throw triple loop. holds onto throw triple sal.  She is selling the hell out of the rest of this program.  Oh gosh, what to do??? Not the program of the night, Pang and Tong was, but did Shen and Zhao do enough for the gold anyway?  It just wasn't up to their standards.  Oh, so sad.  But who knows what will happen. 139.91, 216.57 overall.  Oh, what an amazing moment for them!!!!  I'm happy...but do have some heartbreak for Pang and Tong because they really performed their hearts out as well.

Well, the Russian reign in Olympic pairs skating is OVER!!!!! They could not snag the medal, either.

Your podium:

1) Shen and Zhao (China)
2) Pang and Tong (China)
3) Savchenko and Szolkowy (Germany)