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Olympic Men's Figure Skating Competition Starts Tonight

The Olympic men's figure skating competition starts tonight!  You can watch at 8pm on NBC.  The top contenders are all going to be on a little later, though.  The Americans will be on particularly late as they are in the final group of competitors.  Here are the start orders I'll be paying attention to:

4:   Florent Amodio, France

10:  Evgeny Plushenko, Russia

17:  Daisuke Takahashi, Japan

19:  Stephane Lambiel, Switzerland

20:  Nobunari Oda, Japan

21:  Brian Joubert, France

22: Takahiko Kozuka, Japan

23:  Samuel Contesti, Italy

24:  Patrick Chan, Canada

25:  Johnny Weir, USA

26:  Kevin Van der Perren, Belgium

27:  Tomas Verner, Czech Republic

28:  Evan Lysacek, USA

29:  Jeremy Abbott, USA

30:  Michal Brezina, Czech Republic

Don't forget that there is a men's judging scandal coming into these games, which you can read about here, here, and here.  An American judge sent out an email pointing out Russian reigning Olympic champ Evgeny Plushenko's lack of transitions (connecting elements) in his skating.  The emails highlighted a recent quote where Plushenko essentially said he has no transitions.  Many have criticized the American judge (although he is not a judge in this competition) and all of the scores are likely to be scrutinized.

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