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U.S. Olympian Mirai Nagasu Speaks Out About Mother's Cancer Battle

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U.S. Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu spoke a bit yesterday about her mother's battle with thyroid cancer.  According to USA Today:

Her mother, Ikuko, was diagnosed this past fall, has undergone two surgeries and will receive radiation treatment after the Olympics. Her prognosis is expected to be good.

"My mom has just been staying strong and I've been strong too so watching her still be really happy has helped. She never lets it get to her. She hasn't gotten her treatments yet so the worst is yet to come," said Nagasu, 16, who will skate in her first Olympics beginning with Tuesday's short program. After surgery, her mother insisted on coming home and driving Nagasu to the rink the next day. "Seeing her work hard makes me work hard as well."

Nagasu has nominated her mother for the O.C. Tanner award, in which athletes post tributes to a person who has inspired them.  Fans can vote for the award winners at the Facebook page.

Those who have been following Nagasu at these Olympics know she truly is a breath of fresh air, full of candor and adorable quotes.  Sometimes you have to remind yourself that she's just a 16-year-old girl and she's going through an awful lot.  Our Olympic ladies are quite inspirational this year.