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Updated: Gossip! Lysacek and Gymnast Liukin Confirm [friendship?]

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Although it's been fairly well-reported in the skating world that new gold medalist Evan Lysacek is dating U.S. gymnast (and fellow Olympic gold medalist) Nastia Liukin, the couple has confirmed their relationship to People magazine.  They have been dating since last summer.

Per the article:

In August, Lysacek went to Dallas to cheer on Liukin during her gymnastics comeback at the U.S. Nationals. "It was cool but nerve-racking watching her compete – to be on the balance beam like that? For me, it's easier to do it then watch it," says Lysacek, 24.

The couple switched roles this week when Liukin, 20, traveled to Vancouver to root for Lysacek. "To see his dreams come true was amazing," Liukin says. "Even though we're not in the same sport, we got to connect at the same level because there's nothing like the Olympics. It was nice to be on other side of things and be the support system, but I was nervous."

"She been so helpful to me," adds Lysacek. "She has been through it herself. If I'm having a bad day, she tells me to have faith and to keep going. Sometimes your support system has more faith in you than yourself. And when she tells me things are going to be fine, I really believe it."

Awwww.  So, there you go.  If you care about that sort of thing. Evan has also dated Olympic ice dancer Tanith Belbin.

UPDATED at 5:38pm:  Apparently Lysacek is keeping his options open.  He tells Entertainment Tonight that he is single and that he is close friends with Nastia Liukin.  Who is by his side in Vancouver.  I wonder is she'll stay by his side when she hears about this Entertainment Tonight interview.