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Dear Mao (Again)...

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Dear Mao,

I'm so sorry I tried to give up on us last fall when we were having our "troubles."  Sometimes, all you need is a little time and effort to get a relationship back on track.  You were right not to let me go. 

We were out of this world last night.  I say, next competition, we go for four, just to show off.

You landed more of me than some of the top men did.  Maybe we should consider an open relationship, and I'll start seeing them too, since they obviously need me...

JK, Mao!!!  I only have eyes for you!  I'll admit I even got a little jealous last night because you paid so much attention to spins and footwork, as well.

Please don't be sad, your silver is as good as gold in my heart.  Just think of our moments together, and be proud that we are making magic once again.

Sincerely Love,

Your Triple Axel

P.S.: Can't wait for worlds! xoxo!