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Evan Lysacek to be on Dancing with the Stars; read Top Ten List Tonight

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Evan Lysacek has been named to the next cast of "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC.  The show starts on March 22 on ABC.  I am surprised that Lysacek signed on to do this so quickly after his gold medal win, because doesn't he have to do Stars on Ice?  Which is right after worlds...which is at the end of March?  We'll see how that all works itself out. I also thought Lysacek might wait a bit longer until he's not in the news so much and then thrust himself back into the spotlight with this show.  But I was wrong!  The man wants to ballroom dance and will not be denied!

Needless to say, I will be recapping Lysacek's every tango and foxtrot, as I did for Kristi Yamaguchi when she was on the show.

Much more importantly, the figure skating world championships start competition on March 23, and I will blogging all about it!  Lysacek will not be there.

Lysacek is also reading David Letterman's Top Ten list this evening.