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Just Dance (with Evan Lysacek)

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Tonight marked the season debut of Dancing with the Stars, with our newly minted Olympic champion, Evan Lysacek.  Just to get it out of the way, yes, skaters obviously have an edge in a dancing competition.  Most of them have dance training, they're used to choreography, and they're used to having to look good while doing difficult movements.  But, they also cast actual pop stars and people with other sorts of extensive dance training, so I can't really call foul.  It's all just for ratings, after all!  My thoughts on Evan and his competition:

Chad Ochocinco (Cha cha cha):  I knew who he was, and I like his sense of humor about how obnoxious his on the field football celebrations are.  I thought he was pretty good for his first dance.  He was obviously very focused on the choreography and is not a natural ballroom dancer, but he has potential to get better. Score: 18

Shannen Doherty (Viennese waltz):  I can't really tell you my excitement at seeing Brenda Walsh on this show.  And she looks great in her interview.  Something's up with her posture, and she obviously is not a dancer, but it wasn't a complete disaster.  Well done on the spin move at the end.  Score:  18

Erin Andrews (Cha cha cha):  I just wrote an article about her peephole stalker case and hotel security.  Aaand now I get to cover her ballroom dancing.  Convergence!  But not really.  I have a feeling she is a real perfectionist.  This is good, but she's a bit stiff, which is probably normal as it's the first dance.  I like her flirting with the camera, though.  Score:  21

Jake Pavelka (Viennese waltz) :  This guy is some sort of bachelor contestant.  He is also some sort of extremely adorable.  He is a bit clunky and...super bouncy.  I think he's embarrassed or something and is overdoing it.  He is too slouchy.  But the steps are right.  Sometimes.  Score: 20 (I think the judges were distracted by his super-cuteness)

Niecy Nash (Cha cha cha):  I did not know who she was but she apparently hosts Clean House and is from Reno 911.  This starts out cute but goes south rather quickly...she is kind of all over the place.  But she gets it back at certain points.  I think she does better when they are not in "hold" or whatever.  Score: 18

Evan Lysacek (Viennese waltz):  Lysacek is dancing with Anna Trebunskaya.  They are going with the
"Evan works harder than everybody else" meme.  Apparently, this is suicide training.  Lysacek says he has been accused of having no dance ability whatsoever.  Normally I would cry foul, as he is a figure skater, but I've read what some of the sites and message boards say about Evan.  So I guess I'll let the comment stand (although I do not agree).  In the practice material, Lysacek is dizzy as the turns are in the opposite direction than the way he turns out on the ice. In the dance, Lysacek definitely has the extension and follows moves out fully - this is the skater in him.  I think he does a great job but he is a bit shaky in presenting his partner, which is something he's never had to do being a singles skater.  He will have to work on that.  Carrie says he has to make a connection with the audience - I would say that is true.  Len says he has clumsy feet and problems in the bottom. hehe...poor Evan!  Bruno says Lysacek has the wingspan of a 747.  TRUE!  Score:  23.  I think Lysacek tends to take things really seriously and it will be nice to see him do some of the other types of dances where he can let loose a bit more.

Buzz Aldrin (Cha cha cha):    Obviously, Aldrin gets the adorable old guy award.  He can't quite keep up every single step, but he actually does do pretty well.  He's so cute!!  Love seeing old people try to shake the hips on this show.  He's like fifty years older than the other contestants, and he dances like it, but at least it was entertaining.  Score:  14

Nicole Scherzinger (Viennese waltz):  OMG the other Pussycat Dolls are so mad right now.  She is essentially a professional dancer, and she dances like one.  She's awesome and graceful and I consider her the frontrunner.  Beautiful posture to boot.  Score:  25

Aiden Turner (Cha cha cha):  Who the heck is this?  He plays someone on All My Children.  He's cute in an uncomfortable way.  OMG he is not good.  He keeps flinging his arms to the sides, and you can tell he really thinks he did an amazing piece of choreography when he does that. heee!  aw.  He is cute.  Score:  15

Kate Gosselin (Viennese waltz):  OMG newsflash, Kate Gosselin is the color of sandpaper.  Maybe that is an effort to distract me from her personality....which also reminds me of sandpaper.  She looks good otherwise, I will admit.  Not a dancer, this Kate...some posture issues.  Watching her reminds me of how difficult this must be.  I think she is ok but not one of the better dancers tonight.  I can't watch any of these ladies at all after Scherzinger.  Score:  16

Pamela Anderson (Cha cha cha):  She is about to swallow that guy.  I am glad to see that the hairstyle I have every morning when I wake up is acceptable in public.  I think she's pretty good, actually. She's moving fast, and the curves are not hurting her with this dance.  Bruno lurves her!  Score:  21

Well, now you vote.  All the competitors will be dancing again next week.  Lysacek is in second place.