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Kim Cites Foot Problem in Short Program UPDATED

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Reuters reports that Olympic gold medalist Yu-na Kim is citing a foot problem as the culprit behind her disappointing short program at the world championships today.

My first triple-triple was really good and I was ready to do my flip. I don't know what happened, my left foot was just shaking a lot and I just want to find out what it is," the South Korean told Italy's Rai TV.

Kim ended in seventh place with a 60.30.

The Associated Press also has some quotes about Kim's performance.

But there's a reason many of the Olympic gold medalists skip the world championships, held just a month after the games end. There is bound to be a letdown after achieving the sport's greatest prize, and it's hard to get back into training.

"One week ago, before I got here, I was a little bit scared," Kim acknowledged. "But I was ready."

She didn't look like herself Friday, though.

She received no credit at all for a spin, underrotated a triple flip and bungled a spiral. Not even her strong opening triple-triple combo could make up for that. Her score of 60.30 points was more than 18 points behind her record-setting performance at the Vancouver Games.

"I felt very good at the warmup. My first jump, the triple-triple, was really great. And then after that I felt I was ready to do a triple flip. It was really weird. I don't know what happened," Kim said. "It's the first time I missed the elements like that."