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Mao Asada to Switch Coaches

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Can I get an AAAA-MEN?  Because tucked in the very last line of this story Chicago Tribune's Phil Hersh is the news that world champion Mao Asada is on the lookout for a new coach after spending two seasons with Tatiana Tarasova. 

Tarasova is believed to be the influence behind Asada's very heavy...sometimes plodding...programs from the last few seasons.  I am among those who think the style doesn't fit her well and that perhaps a different style would be more successful.  I can't completely blame Tarasova; I think Asada needs to work on her expression throughout her programs...the emotion tends to come out at the halfway point, but it should be there through the whole program. 

Tarasova is a legend, but I'm happy to hear Asada is looking to make a change.  It will also be good for her to be with her coach more, since she was based in Japan and Tarasova still spent a lot of time in Russia.