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Asada Aims for Quad

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Chosun Ilbo reports that Olympic silver medalist Mao Asada has been toying with the idea of attempting the quadruple jump, and she is inspired by Evgeny Plushenko.  Plushenko also stated that he would like to work with her.

Plushenko was quoted as saying, "Although she seems to have trouble with landings, she has sharp rotations. I can help. I would love to train with her if she wants to." The foremost goal for Asada is to perfect her triple axel; the quad comes next. It is still uncertain whether she will be able to do a quad with Plushenko's help, but if she does, she will be one of the favorites to win gold in 2014.

It seems like the message of jumps not being everything has not quite gotten through to some of the skaters.  I would love to see Asada perform the quad, but I feel like there are areas where she could garner points as well.  I wonder if she would still do two triple axels and a quad?  This seems like pure speculation, even though Asada stated that she wants to learn the quad for Sochi in 2014.