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Weir and Lysacek on Television

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Here is Johnny Weir on Joy Behar's show (via Entertainment Weekly).  He talks about the comments from sportscasters stating that he should get a gender test.  I think Weir has conducted himself well through all the terrible comments he's gotten. 

Here is another short excerpt of Weir on Larry King Live (also via Entertainment Weekly). 

Aaaand Weir on Live! with Regis and Kelly.  Kelly is quite a fan.

I think Weir is doing well in the post-Olympics PR game. 

And Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek presented the Top Ten list on The Late Show with David Letterman (via  It was the top ten thoughts going through Lysacek's mind during the Olympics.

I think that we should start lobbying for Weir to do video blogs assessing Evan Lysacek's showings on Dancing with the Stars.  I think that would be kind of AMAZING.