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Everybody Cut Footloose (with Evan Lysacek)

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Evan Lysacek's second night on Dancing with the Stars was yesterday.  Here is a recap of his dance as well as the competition.

Shannen Doherty (jive):  Awww cute outfits, with the ties and the white shirts.  It reminds me of the inspirational first day of school episode of 90210 where Brenda wore a tie.  I'm not say I wore a tie that school year as well, but let's just say I wore a tie that school year as well.  Mark's outfit is a little too Billie Jean-esque, but Shannen's is cute! Ok, so she is still no dancer and does not know what to do with her arms.  But she's got a little bit more life than last week (due to the dance, I assume).  I expect her to maybe last a couple of weeks but not be a contender.  Also, the dance feels long, which does not bode well.  Score: 20/30, total 38/60 for the two weeks.

Aiden Turner (Foxtrot):  Edyta nakedness watch: 1/5.  Edyta Jellyfish factor:  5/5.  This guy is not  a good dancer.  He kind of jerks his head back in an effort to display good posture.  HEE.  I like his pink tie (ties are the theme tonight).  Thankfully, that dance felt short.  Score:  19/30, overall 34/60.

Evan Lysacek (Jive):  They think they have chemistry.  They are holding hands and now they can make a connection, per the fluff.  It was Evan Lysacek day in Naperville, Illinois!  And he brought Anna.  How cute.  OMG it's Danny Zucco's less masculine cousin!  I heart the jive.  OK this is very good and fun to watch.  Evan is quite good.  I just want to see him be a bit more..?  Take charge?  I'm not sure that's possible right now because the woman is the pro so she is kind of the power person in the situation.  Carrie thinks the connection was completely there.  Len says something strange is going on down below.  HEH.  Bruno says that they are greased lightning and to point the feet.  PS, I just realized that Anna has formed some sort of dead rodent on top of her head in order to appear taller.  Score:  24/30, overall 47/60.

Niecy Nash (foxtrot):  Nash is fun to watch.  She looks happy and not in pain like some others.  Nothing particularly impressive about the foxtrot (and the dress is hiding her feet a lot!) but it's the best dance so far aside from Evan's, for the sheer fact that she looks comfortable out there.  And Louis is pretending to propose with a fake rock at the end.  FUN.  Score:  21/30, overall 39/60.

Jake Pavelka (Jive):  Definitely read an article about this dude after last week.  It seems like his antics do not match his super-cuteness.  They are super uncute.  But I will still try to enjoy watching him dance.  It will not be very difficult.  Ok, the jive is obviously much more his style - his natural bounciness is perfect for it.  He looks like he might be screwing up a step here and there but this is actually not bad.  Great performance and fun dance.  Score:  20/30, overall 40/60.

Buzz Aldrin (foxtrot):  Obviously Aldrin is still old, and can still not dance. Still cute old man.  He seems to remember all the steps, so there you go.  Score:  12/30, 26/60.

Nicole Scherzinger (jive):  I remember not liking this girl from that girl-group reality show but I find myself looking forward to her dances.  People change!  Different style of jive than the others tonight.  This girl is too good.  I would confuse her with one of the pros.  Although I will say it would have been more fun to see her do a fun jive rather than a sultry one, because she's sultry in everything she does.  Score:  28/30, overall 53/60.  First tens of the season.  Evan must be steamed!

Erin Andrews (foxtrot):  There is something slightly herky/jerky when Erin runs around the stage.  But she looks great in the foxtrot hold with Maks.  Her posture could be better, but this is a pretty dance.  23/60, overall 44/60.

Pamela Anderson (foxtrot):  Anderson doing her best Marilyn Monroe.  Thisis good, not quite as natural as some other foxtrots.  Anderson is not a bad dancer, though.  She will be more fun in the shake your hips dances, though.  That is evident!  Score 22/30, 43/60. 

Chad Ochocinco (foxtrot):  Um, where did the jives go?  He is a bit slouchy at the start.  Foxtrots are not Chad's deal.  He looks like a little kid trying really hard to focus.  A bit awkward.  Not the worst we've seen tonight, but not as good as he did last week.  16/30, 34/60 overall.

Kate Gosselin(jive):  I guess there was dramz in the fluff.  I don't have time to watch.  Dear GOD she is wearing fringe.  She actually looks very good, until she starts to dance.  Poor Kate is not a dancer.  She is worse than Shannen and Aiden.  She is like...mouthing the step numbers or the steps or something, which does take a bit away from the presentation.  I think maybe she has a problem memorizing, she just looks like she is waiting for him to remind her of every step.  Score:  15/30, overall 31/60.