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Moving Time

Some major coaches are moving their training bases and it will be interesting to see which skaters go with them.

Nicolai Morozov is moving from New Jersey to Moscow, and Miki Ando (who is rumored to be dating Morozov) will follow.  After Ando lost out on the bronze medal last week by thismuch to somone who landed three triples, I think Ando's days of world championship medals may be over.  There's always the Grand Prix, I suppose. Morozov will no longer coach Nobunari Oda, but he will coach Cathy and Chris Reed. 

Frank Carroll will be making a less dramatic move from Toyota Center near LAX to a rink in Cathedral City.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Mirai Nagasu's commute would likely remain the same amount of time, but Evan Lysacek's would be much longer.  It's unclear if Lysacek is going to continue competing anyway.