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Mukhortova and Trankov Split Up

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In a move that will surprise no one, Russian pair Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov have decided to call off their partnership, according to Figure Skating Translations.  They were a pair who was beautiful and powerful, but who never lived up to their potential, and battled each other for years. 

The article states that Trankov and Ukraine's Tatiana Volosozhar have been a rumored partnership, which I find intriguing, but there is no word yet on whether that will work out.

However, according to Maxim, it’s hard to say anything for sure given that the current Russian figure skating Federation (RFSF) president Valentin Piseev is stepping down.

“Valentin Nikolayevich Piseev wanted to see the team Trankov-Volosozhar,” said the skater. “However, right now it’s unclear who will replace him and how the new president will like the proposal. However, I’d be happy to team up with Volosozhar given the chance.”

“We would only represent Russia,” emphasized Trankov.

Coach Oleg Vasilliev will look for a new partner for Mukhortova.