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Johnny Weir Nominated for a Logo Award

Johnny Weir has been nominated for a Logo network NewNowNext award for most addictive reality star for his show "Be Good Johnny Weir."  I have to say, I absolutely love that show and it makes me like Weir more.  Vote for him here.

Weir has not had any drop in levels of publicity since the Olympics ended.  Some of the more recent news includes the Outsports post that sums up some recent Weir interviews in which he states that he'll discuss his sexuality in an upcoming autobiography.  Screw the sex life, I want to hear the down and dirty skating gossip!  Here is an excerpt on whether Weir thinks he'll marry one day:

I don’t know if I’m the marrying kind. I’m very much catlike. And sex isn’t that important to me. Partnership is something I have with my family and my friends. My close circle of friends are my partners in crime. I have a certain way I like to live. If someone wanted to be with me, they’d either have to be very dumb or very accepting.