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Let's...go to...the Moooovies! (With Evan Lysacek...and dance in the aisles)

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First ever MOVIE NIGHT on Dancing with the Stars!!! Yippee. 

Niecy Nash (Movie:  La Bamba, Dance:  Jive):  I just realized that my brain got La Bamba confused with the lambada.  Where is my brain today??  Niecy is wearing Lysacek's rejected yellow and orange fringe firebird costume.  Oh and she is shaking what her mother hath given her.  This is a fun dance although not as technically proficient as some other jives we've seen. They kind of lose it a bit in the middle when they are doing turns.  Nash kisses Len's head at the end, he seems very happy.  Len wanted more bounce...although he says there was a bounce in Nash's "bazookas."  Bruno also mentions the bazookas and how distracting they were.  It lacked the necessary sharpness.  Nash says, "what about my jiggly parts?" UM, they already mentioned that!  Carrie says they've never had anyone shimmy the way she just did.  Score:  18/30.

Chad Ochocinco (Movie: The Jungle Book, Dance: Quickstep):  Ugh this beginning is grating.  I just feel like their sexy tiger looks don't mesh with the adorable "Bear Necessities."  I have come to the conclusion that I do not like watching Chad dance.  He can't reallly let loose and he seems to make some mistakes...and just get sloppy.  Bruno says they went for the energy and lost the refinement, and the frame was terrible.  Carrie Ann says it was strange and uneven.  Len says he thought the posture was better than foxtrot week.  But he thought overall it was a pretty good job.  Score:  18/30.

Erin Andrews (Movie:  Pulp Fiction, Dance:  Jive):  I saw Erin Andrews this week on Chelsea Handler's show and I am liking her more and more.  I never really liked her on ESPN, but she's cute on this show.  Maks has a tantrum in the fluff which is always fun.  And they fight about shoes, which goes on too long and makes me want to stab myself with her heels.  This is cute!!!!  Her slouchiness comes out strong at one point but she's doing a pretty good job with it. and really enjoying herself.  It seems pretty hard, too. I could watch that dance three more times.  Maybe not four.  Carrie Ann liked it.  She appreciated that they delivered the story, but says Erin seemed a little faster than the beat.  Len thinks that overall it was a good job.  Bruno thinks that she got the Uma magic just right, and thinks this is her best and she didn't go wrong.  Score:  22/30.

Jake Pavelka (Movie:  Risky Business, Dance:  Cha cha cha):  I'm not sure I could be any less surprised that he is doing this movie.  And this costume.  Chelsie provides his pants.  That's actually impressive.  This is ok, he is never completely confident and his moves are always a bit off, but he is entertaining. He seems like maybe he messes up this slide thing. It does seem to be pretty challenging for him.  Len thought it was fun and it was a pity he messed up.  Bruno is ticked that he put his pants on.  And says he has incredible energy.  They are all disappointed he made an error.  Carrie Ann says he's got the guts so he better enjoy the glory and that she loved the dance. Score:  23/30.  Hmm.  I definitely liked Andrews better!

Pamela Anderson (Movie: Nine to Five, Dance:  Quickstep):  And she is dressed as Dolly Parton!!! YAY.  Pam has gotten so good.  I am loving this dance!  She appears to have the steps down, although she is no pro...she's so cute.  They are showing the competitors clapping.  Erin Andrews doesn't look happy.  Bruno says that every week Pam is in character and that posture was good but she could have had a little bit more movement.  Carrie Ann thought the posture was great but said there is something about her that is fascinating to watch but the hold was loosey goosey.  Len can't stand all the stuff that they do with the sitting at the table, etc..  So he thinks the balance was wrong.  But the bit of dancing they did do he liked.  But everyone does that set-up stuff, so he has to can it.  Score:  21/30.  Er...who is Jake Pavelka paying for his scores? 

Kate Gosselin (Movie:  The Breakfast Club, Dance: Foxtrot):  Dear God.  Kate, if you ruin this song for me, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU.  Kate thinks the dance is ridiculous.  Wow, she is wearing some sort of bedazzled cotton candy frock and just should not be doing this opening.  I feel like maybe she doesn't know how to just enjoy the moment!  Anyway.  The real dance starts.  She looks a bit lost at first but does better in hold.  As she was last week, she is more of a walker than a dancer.  She is maybe a little bit better than she was at the beginning of the show, but I really don't know why they bother playing this music.  I think she is the worst dancer here but she'll stay forever.  Carrie Ann thinks something is developing, I can't understand.  She impersonates the teachers on Charlie Brown in describing the dance.  I think that says it all.  Len says it was neat and precise (really?) but says it wasn't a dance.  It was a stroll.  heh.  Bruno thinks Tony could have had more life with a coat hanger...or something.  He thought Kate looked catatonic.  And it's not good enough.  Score:  15/30.

Nicole Scherzinger (Movie:  Pretty Woman, Dance: Tango):  I wonder if she can turn it all around.  Oh, quick costume reveal.  Nice.  She is dancing with more confidence than she had last week.   She is darn good at these steps, and the dance looks very difficult.  UGH what did they do at the end there?  It looked messed up.  Len thinks that was her best dance and the best dance of the season so far.  Bruno says that this is two players at the top of their games.  He has to stand to say this.  And he says they were bursting with sexual tension.  Carrie thinks they are superstars and the lines were incredible.  Score:  29/30.  I don't know...there was something a little off about her dancing to me, but it was obviously so good.  I don't know what is wrong with me!

Evan Lysacek (Movie:  Armageddon, Dance: Rumba):  Evan brings Anna to New Hampshire for the Stars on Ice tour.  Anna is trying to get Evan to move his hips.  And he discusses how he normally keeps his hips firm and tight.  Nice.  Some shots of him skating in Stars on Ice.  He looks like he's wearing warm-up clothes.  YAY LONG ISLAND SHOT.  Of course, it was on a dance floor.  But that shot was for me, obvs.  Ok, he is trying the hip action.  It's not completely failing.  I think Evan is just getting better and better.  He looks like such a dancer out there.  Wow, this is very good.  I am not loving the choreography, way too posey and not enough dancing, but the man is a dancer.  I didn't think he was the best when the show started, but I do think he's the best now.  Bruno says it's exquisite, the spins are spot-on, and the hips are getting better but he must keep them going fluidly.  Carrie Ann says there was something very beautiful going on.  The movement was generating the emotions...ridiculous lyricism, but there is somethings a break between upper and lower half.  Len says there was artistry, musicality...etc.  Score:  27/30.  Great job!